Opening an account is easy, all you need to do is fill out our Trading Application Form, upload the following documents:

  • VAT Certificate,
  • Company Registration Certificate.
  • Company Letterhead.

Then choose your account manager, and ask him to follow your application, Once these steps been done the necessary checks will be proceeded and your account will be added to our internal system, then you’re free to place your first order.


once you have opened your account with your chosen Account Manager, you can decide how you would like to place your orders (Email, WhatsApp, Skype, Telephone).

There are no minimum order quantities, We are happy to complete your order regardless of the size.

If you wish to modify an ‘Open’ order then this is not a problem at all. just head to your Account Manager to arrange it.

Please note that if your order is already invoiced but you would like to add more items to be shipped together, it’s not a problem but will be invoices separately since the invoice itself cannot be modified.

It’s not and issue, you can place a back order for it, your Account Manager will inform you about the ETA to ensure that it suits your plans.

Once we ship your order you will get the tracking number by Email to be able to track it.

With our delivery options and different couriers services you have the flexibility to choose what suits your business, when you place an order just inform your Account Manager about your preferable choice.

After you have placed your order with your Account Manager they will advise on payment, if you are a cleared funds customer then your payment will need to be in before we dispatch your order – If you have a credit account then you will need to confirm your order.

Shipment fees will vary depending on the size of your order and where you are based, this will be communicated to you at the point of placing your order by your Account Manager.

Invoice is sent automatically to your email address once we ship your order.

You will need to send an email to your Account Manager with all information about the case (issue discerption, pictures and IMEIS list of products that you would like to return). 

All shipments are fully insured by Coface.


Feel free to choose your Account Manager now! 

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